Brazilian President accused of receiving bribe

  • Brazilian President accused of receiving bribe

Brazilian President accused of receiving bribe

Brazilian president's office is yet to release an official statement on the matter.

Mr. Temer will need 172 federal deputies to either abstain from voting or vote against accepting the charge brought by Mr. Janot.

The lower house would vote on whether President Temer should be tried.

Brazil's President Michel Temer waves as he exits after attending a.

Temer has faced a slew of accusations since taking office past year but these are the first formal charges against him.

He assumed the presidency after her impeachment in September.

Temer became especially controversial in May 2017, after the leak of a tape in which Teme r was secretly recorded by Joesley Batista, president of Brazilian meat-packing firm JBS, during a late-night, unscheduled meeting.

In another part of the recording, Temer is heard telling Batista that it was mainly because of his influence that he appointed Henrique Meirelles as finance minister in his cabinet. The document sent to the Supreme Court states that Temer received 500,000 reais ($151,000) between April and March 2017 from Batista via an intermediary.

President Temer of Brazil has been charged with corruption.

Temer is also under investigation for alleged "abuse of economic and political power" during the 2014 presidential campaign, for which there were many notable "irregularities".

"The tendency is that each time there is an indictment offered, that the political support that Temer has will be reduced", he said.

Brazil's attorney general formally accused President Michel Temer of corruption on Monday, making him the first sitting president in Latin America's largest nation to face criminal charges.

"I say without fear of being wrong that the accusation is fiction", he told reporters, as translated by The Associated Press.

The charge sheet accuses Temer of corruption for allegedly accepting bribes from an executive at a major meatpacker in exchange for help influencing the decisions of state bodies.

Several protesters set out on the streets of Sao Paulo city, Brazil at the time, raising slogans against the president saying, "Temer Out", the Strait Times reported.

He is also under investigation for obstruction of justice and belonging to a criminal organization. He could file those charges at a later date, guaranteeing a sustained legal assault. If two-thirds of the legislature decides to let it move ahead, then the president will be suspended for up to 180 days while a trial is conducted. The president's office denied the allegation.

Speaking to reporters and allies in the capital Brasilia, Mr Temer said his career and life had been "productive" and "clean".

Temer, whose government has an approval rating in the single digits, has already resisted repeated opposition calls to resign.

He took over, promising to restore political stability and to steer Brazil out of its deepest recession in history with market reforms.