Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss

Ryan unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for minority leader and now says that his party is in trouble in 2018 if Republicans were able to convince independents and Republicans that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Pelosi's agenda. A lot of GOP congressmen might have run for the hills had their party lost a seemingly safe seat in Georgia, but Handel's win takes that excuse away from them. "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team". Although the president held a fundraiser for Handel and recently tweeted his support, she pointedly avoided mentioning his name while out campaigning. "CLF never deviated from the goal of defining Ossoff as a dishonest liberal".

Pelosi also has a long history of holding her party together through hard votes - enabling former President Barack Obama to shepherd into law a series of Democratic-backed measures in 2009 and 2010 and later forcing Republicans to grapple with the politically damaging divisions within their own ranks.

But Pelosi's camp signaled she is taking the grumbling seriously. And we need a message - how are we going to get there?

"We should stop talking about Trump all the time, and Russian Federation". They're not. They're not talking about Putin, Russia, Flynn.

Debate has swirled among Democrats about what strategy to deploy: going all in with a nationwide anti-Trump agenda, or tailoring individual races to local economic issues in a bid to fix fraying connections between the Democratic Party and the common voter. "If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive". It's Trump, four; us, zero, you know, in the special elections.

Here's a huge reason Nancy Pelosi maintains her iron grip on House Democrats, even after another bruising - and in many party circles embarrassing - election loss: Her ability to raise lots and lots of money.

A dozen House Democrats huddled in the office of New York Rep. Kathleen Rice - an outspoken Pelosi critic - on Thursday afternoon, among them Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan. "It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party". He argued that when strategy doesn't work, there have to be repercussions at the top.

Pelosi said Thursday that she has "always featured the young 30-somethings". "Until we have leadership step up to tell us the plan for 2018, we'll continue pushing forward".

"I think there was consensus within the room that there are other members within the caucus who feel just like we do", Texas Rep. Filemon Vela told CNN. But the GOP still successful tied Ossoff to Pelosi. Ryan lost that internal election, receiving only 63 votes from the 194 members. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that".

"What's really important is that Donald Trump has seized the narrative back, that he's doing better with the voters than Democrats think he is", he said.

However, despite the Trump-baiting launch slogan, Ossoff - who has been described as a "radically boring person to talk or listen to" - fought a polite, earnest campaign on a platform of fiscal responsibility, says Rhys Blakely in The Times. One of their ads even features the Bay Area and branded the two Democrats together, putting his photo alongside hers on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The frustrated Democrats met in Rice's office a day earlier to discuss their options as they face long odds of knocking out the woman who has led the Democratic caucus for almost 15 years from minority to majority and back, raised tens of millions of dollars and has had multiple legislative successes.

Instead, they were all within seven percentage points. Fox News reported that a source close to the House Minority Leader said that the criticism of her does bother her because it's coming from all sides.

"Look, they demonized Nancy in 2010, they demonized her in 2006".

The apparent effectiveness of such attacks alarmed some fellow Democrats, and they show no signs of letting up. "And usually they go after the most effective leaders". Last cycle alone, she raised $141.5 million.

"When it comes to personal ambition and having fun on TV, have your fun", Pelosi said.

"Every effort was made to win last night". "We don't agonize. We organize".

"They're definitely licking their wounds", Kerwin Swint, professor and chair of the political science department at Georgia's Kennesaw State University, told AFP.

A Rice spokesman clarified to CNN that the congresswoman was referring to the top three leadership positions: minority leader, Democratic whip, and assistant Democratic leader. "It's like the gift that keeps on giving", Rice said.