Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world's ugliest dog

  • Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world's ugliest dog

Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world's ugliest dog

The 29th annual contest held in Petaluma, CA featured 14 of the world's ugliest canines, who competed for a trophy and a $1,500 prize.

Zindler, an animal control officer who also serves as president of the rescue project's board of directors, rescued Martha from a local shelter and the pup returned the favor by bringing home the Ugliest Dog crown.

According to Associate Press, Martha is one lazy and gassy dog with remarkable expansive cheeks which flap like a pair of wings when she shakes her head. They can't wait to go to NY to take photos. First impressions are one of the categories the judges use to rate the competitors, and the other three categories are audience reaction, unusual attributes and personality.

Lending truth to the adage that every child is handsome to its mum, Martha's owner, Jessica Burkard, said she saw only gorgeousness when she first clapped eyes on Martha at California's Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.

Numerous contestants are adopted.

Martha is former rescue dog who went almost blind from neglect, said Ms Zindler.

And now, they've earned Martha a prestigious honor: the title of world's ugliest dog.

A lumbering canine with deep-set wrinkles and a gas problem, Martha the Mastiff is no beauty queen - but as the newly crowned World's Ugliest Dog, she is still a victor.

The homely hounds and their humans arrived hours before the show to socialize and size up the competition at the World's Ugliest Dog Contest Friday, where dog lovers celebrate the imperfections of man's best friend. He has a well-developed sense of smell and was trying to smell everything during the World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

Dane Andrew of Sunnyvale, California, pets his Chinese Crested dog named Rascal during the 2017 World's Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair on June 23, 2017 in Petaluma, California.