'ARMS' Update 1.1.0 Now Available, Adds Spectator Mode

  • 'ARMS' Update 1.1.0 Now Available, Adds Spectator Mode

'ARMS' Update 1.1.0 Now Available, Adds Spectator Mode

True to its word, a new patch update adds the mode, as well as support for LAN play.

But yes, the big headline improvements here will be the LAN support and spectator mode.

Meanwhile, Arena mode lets up to four players join a lobby, where they will fight each other in one-on-one matches while the other players spectate. Players can switch (no pun intended) to LAN mode by clicking down on the left stick, and pressing L and R, while on the main menu. You can now battle against players via LAN.

Fixed issue where Kid Cobra was able to repeatedly do a charge dash while riding snake boards.

ARMS was released for the Nintendo Switch only a little more than a week ago, and already it's gotten a major update.

ARMS is a fighting game with a twist. There's also been a fix for the Ribbon-Girl stage, where some hits weren't properly registering on the purple boxes. LAN support in particular should make local multiplayer sessions for the game - a key point in Nintendo's marketing for it - better supported and possible.

Firstly, the game now has a new way of playing locally: Arena Mode. It's done so before, but it seems to be more willing to update Switch games.

"Arena Mode" added. This mode focuses on serious 1-on-1 matches and can be played via "Friends,"Local", or "LAN Play".

Biff will no longer misspell ARMS Grand Prix as AMRS. Nintendo said you have to run this version of the game to play online.