72 firefighters tackle blaze at block of flats in London

The fire has destroyed a flat and the entire building's roof.

London Fire Brigade has said it has eight engines at the blaze, which started in a third floor flat and has spread to the roof of the building.

Local media reports say the fire broke out in a third storey apartment and the smoke from the blaze can be seen in the city's skyline, there are now eight fire engine's at the scene.

"The brigade was called at 4.25pm".

"There was smoke everywhere, pouring out of every single window in the block of flats, and you couldn't see more than 50m down the road".

Britain has been rocked in recent days by a fire which killed at least 79 people when it engulfed a 24-storey building in west London on 14 June, trapping residents in their beds as they slept.

It had received 50 calls to its emergency telephone line.

Bethnal Green Road has been closed as 78 firefighters tackle the blaze.

The London Fire Brigade reported the cause of the fire is still unknown.

One man suffering from smoke inhalation was taken to hospital.