Over 1000 Uber employees sign petition demanding Travis Kalanick's return

  • Over 1000 Uber employees sign petition demanding Travis Kalanick's return

Over 1000 Uber employees sign petition demanding Travis Kalanick's return

Lawyers for Uber insisted that once Kalanick learned of the files in March 2016, he had instructed the engineer - former Google executive Anthony Levandowski - not to bring them to the company. The investors who have financed Uber's growth had concluded Kalanick had to go following revelations of sexual harassment in the company's office, a federal investigation into company tactics used to thwart regulators, and the threat of even more trouble posed by the Waymo lawsuit.

Starting late yesterday, Uber employees circulated a petition demanding the recall of Kalanick in an active role. Recode has obtained an email circulating among Uber employees calling for Kalanick's reinstatement.

Managers are sending the petition to employees, according to sources at the company and a screenshot provided to BuzzFeed News.

The filing asserts that Levandowski destroyed the disks containing Google's material not long after Kalanick told him that Uber didn't want the information on them. The petition said, "We can not accept investors cave in to remove TK (Travis Kalanick)". In the letter, the investors conveyed to Kalanick that his resignation from the position of CEO is a necessity and the company is in dire need of change in leadership. Just last week, Kalanick announced he was taking an indefinite leave of absence, but investors had had enough, and forced him to step down. (Uber had a board meeting today, but nothing major has leaked out.) If you haven't already, read my tick-tock of how Cohler and his partner Peter Fenton delivered the resignation demand to Kalanick at his hotel in Chicago.

The chief executive of Uber resigns on Tuesday, Uber is the ride-hailing service that he found in the year 2009 and turned it into the transportation giant.

He also quoted from a board statement saying that "Travis has always put Uber first". She said, "The only appropriate thing to say right now is thank you, Travis".

"Travis wasn't very well known before this", said Cartwright, who noted that aside from a few exceptions, such as Mark Zuckerberg or Sheryl Sandberg, most tech CEOs aren't household names. "He had a deep and meaningful impact on countless numbers of people at Uber and around the world, and for that, we will forever be grateful".

Uber recently fired Levandowski, who was leading the company's autonomous vehicle venture, because he declined to cooperate with the lawsuit.

The report, recommendations of which were adopted by the board, said Uber "should reformulate its written cultural values" to "reflect more inclusive and positive behaviors".