Where is this wave of anti-Trump backlash we were promised?

US President Donald Trump accused Democrats on Wednesday of obstructing his agenda, the day after a fellow Republican won a Georgia congressional election that many saw as a referendum on his turbulent presidency.

It would be understandable if Republicans took this victory-the fourth in as many special congressional elections this year-as an opportunity to celebrate.

Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton tweeted that the result "better be a wake-up call for Democrats - business as usual isn't working".

Tuesday was a triumphant night for Republicans, winning 4 of 5 special elections, including the most expensive House race in US history. In the process, the election became about seemingly everything except the 6th District of Georgia. Ossoff had raised roughly $23 million and spent about $22 million as of the most recently available campaign finance reports.

"There's going to be some finger pointing among the Democrats".

House Democratic leaders are taking some comfort in coming in a close second for a seat that's always been firmly in GOP hands.

BENNETT: That political consolation prize doesn't sit very well with some of the party's rank-and-file members like Congressman Tim Ryan of OH who says coming close isn't good enough. Voters in Virginia may be ready for a little hope and change.

Trump's election as president had papered over the intraparty disputes and generational divides among House Democrats, as lawmakers joined in opposing the White House and trying to channel the energy of their party's liberal base.

But now, after a string of disappointments, those divisions have re-emerged, though Pelosi appears unlikely to face an immediate challenge.

Co-host Sunny Hostin argued the election wasn't an indictment on President Donald Trump or Democrats, saying how residents voted "made sense". "And I'm not sure that that's there yet". "But today I don't feel that way at all - I feel proud".

But he said there is no doubt that "this is one occasion when we ought to say he deserves to take a victory lap". Debbie Dingell of MI.

Meanwhile, the knives seem to be out for Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who was demonised by the GOP side in the Georgia race. Handel ran as much against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her "San Francisco values" as she did against Ossoff, portraying the Democrat as culturally and politically alien to Georgia. And it could be that Ossoff, a documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer, didn't appeal to residents because even though he grew up in the district, he now lives in Atlanta - several miles outside the district.

The comments come as the executive director of Trump's campaign confirmed to CNN that Trump will host his first re-election campaign fundraising event next Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. And we need a message. Ossoff received more donations from seven other states than he did from Georgia.

But prescriptions for how the Democrats should move forward varied. With the exception of the Ossoff-Handel race, Democrats were competitive, as a growing number of voters perhaps are being turned off by Trump's failure to get much done and came out to the polls. None of the special elections in Georgia past year had more than a 15 percent voter turnout rate.