'The Mummy' awkwardly stumbles into Dark Universe

  • 'The Mummy' awkwardly stumbles into Dark Universe

'The Mummy' awkwardly stumbles into Dark Universe

"The Mummy" is the first of the series and has all of the feeling and depth of a trailer that's been extended to 107 minutes. Along with The Mummy, Universal has already announced the The Invisible Man starring Johnny Depp and Frankenstein's Monster starring Javier Bardem for future release. Was anyone asking for another "Mummy" movie? A new musical theme for the "Dark Universe", composed by Danny Elfman, will debut in theaters ahead of "The Mummy".

The legendary movie monster has been resurrected so many times since 1932 that the latest reboot not only has no freshness, it's also scare-free. Or something else entirely? They quickly find themselves on an ancient burial ground along with Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), a would-be love interest for Nick, whom the script flips by having their sexual falling out occur off-screen, before we first meet them.

The movie does feature a recurring attribute in many of Cruise's films: there are massive, expensive and lengthy stunts, many performed by Cruise himself. Jekyll and Hyde are in The Mummy for. some reason.Russell Crowe plays Dr. Jekyll in the film, and since the odd tale of Jekyll and Hyde doesn't exactly sync up with the Mummy franchise as we know it, it's OK to be confused.

First things first: this version of The Mummy has nearly nothing to do with the Brendan Fraser movie back in 1999, which spawned two sequels.

Nearly indistinguishable from the horde of zombies floating around the fringes, the once-estimable Russell Crowe fetches up as Dr Jekyll (yes the same, aka Mr Hyde).

Tom Cruise is hoping to jump-start Universal's monster movies and turn them into a Marvel-like mega-franchise. The scene serves to establish the connective tissue between other Dark Universe movies, with Crowe's character serving to play the Nick Fury character.

"And when you do a fight scene like that, you have to throw a real punch, you have to be so experienced that you have to know exactly how to miss and their technical ability to choreograph that while also protecting each other was pretty incredible to watch". No matter if its Jolie or another actress, given the formidable presence of The Bride in the 1935 classic, it's pretty safe to say that Universal is pretty intent on delivering more "strong, powerful and opinionated" characters to modern monster movie fans as the Dark Universe continues to unfold.

Anyway, sometimes we get what we don't ask for, so here we are with Cruise as Nick Morton, a soldier-of-fortune type who's in the Iraqi desert with his partner (Jake Johnson) "liberating precious antiquities", in his words, to sell to the highest bidder. "It's the kind of movie that Tom Cruise became a household name by avoiding at all costs". The plot was as empty as any I've seen all year.