Nintendo Sends Apology and Promises More Switch Bundles in Future

  • Nintendo Sends Apology and Promises More Switch Bundles in Future

Nintendo Sends Apology and Promises More Switch Bundles in Future

"Performance was what mattered most to us, so we aim to make sure that the game runs at 60 fps docked and undocked".

Though Metroid Prime 4 is still some way off, it gives Nintendo plenty of time to sort out their stock shortages, which have one again been impacting on sales of the new console. According to the post, the manufacturer has been shipping newly manufactured consoles every week without fail. With the Nintendo Switch remaining almost impossible to find at retailers nationwide, those same accusations of "false scarcity" have been bubbling up in certain corners. Within a couple of weeks, new Splatoon 2 Switch bundles will be produced and delivered to retail shops in massive numbers.

Nintendo's Switch console got a substantial software update that literally helps it keep its act together.

It's no secret by now that Nintendo Switch hasn't exactly been easy to come by. This has led Nintendo to not just comment on, but apologize for, the shortages. By contrast, getting only the Switch will only cost you $299, and if you're going to get Arms, that'll be another $60.

If you're among the legions of Nintendo fans who continue to be frustrated by the fact that the company's hot new Nintendo Switch video game console is still nowhere to be found in stores, you've got two options.

Understandably jaded not-yet-Switch-owners may remain a bit skeptical, as the tide of scalpers consistently pursuing Nintendo hardware can be hard to thwart even as supply increases and begins to level off with continued demand. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a crossover game none had thought would turn out impressive but indeed looks extremely well-made, will also launch on the Switch this late August. We feel god about the lineup for this year and beyond.

The popular game has drastically changed the company's outlook, however, enabling Nintendo to showcase the strength of its characters. Nintendo was able to sell more than 100 million units of the Wii during its lifecycle.