Inmates accused of killing prison guards face murder charges

  • Inmates accused of killing prison guards face murder charges

Inmates accused of killing prison guards face murder charges

The end of the road for the two inmates, Dubose, and Donnie Russell Rowe sought in the killings of their guards on a Georgia prison bus turned out to be the driveway of a homeowner in rural Tennessee, who held them at gunpoint, June 15, 2017, until reinforcements arrived.

It was the escapees first time back in Putnam County since the brutal murders of the corrections officers.

District Attorney Stephen Bradley says he plans to ask for the death penalty for two inmates accused of shooting and killing two corrections officers.

The prosecutor said while he has not filed the paperwork yet, he intends to seek the death penalty.

The judge declined to set bond, citing the nature of the charges.

A Putnam County grand jury will convene on September 18. The Department of Corrections said Rowe, 43, has been serving life without parole since 2002, and Dubose, 24, began a 20-year sentence in 2015.

Rowe and Dubose were cellmates and friends in prison, and may have planned their escape; however, the bus ride on June 13 was unscheduled, officials said.

While on the run for 60 hours, they allegedly stole five vehicles, robbed two homes, tied up and terrorized an elderly couple and led police on a chase with speeds of 100 mph, authorities said. He also was convicted of theft and identity fraud in 2010.

Putnam County Georgia Sheriff Howard Sills still has not announced who, if anyone, will receive the $130,000 in reward money.

The murders were committed with the use of a 9 mm pistol, one of which was stolen from each of the officers after they were shot to death, and subsequently used in other crimes in Georgia and Tennessee.

"I just will always remember him as being my hero", said Denise Billue.

"When I first laid eyes on them, all I could do was just, in my mind, just think how could two human beings kill two innocent men who were only doing their jobs?" "I immediately forgave them but that doesn't excuse their behavior".