Here's our very first look at Dynasty Warriors 9

  • Here's our very first look at Dynasty Warriors 9

Here's our very first look at Dynasty Warriors 9

83 characters from the Dynasty Warriors series make their return in addition to new faces such as Cheng Pu, a long-term retainer who supported three generations of the Sun family and contributed to the expansion and stability of the Wu kingdom.

Dynasty Warriors usually presents a series of large levels, but having one huge persistent open world should represent a fairly major structural change. Are you on board with its move to an open world structure? Platforms are as yet unconfirmed, however every entry since Dynasty Warriors 4: Hyper, now over 11 years old, has found its way onto PC.

A new gameplay wrinkle is being introduced too with the "State Combo System". And to make the most of players' new-found freedom, Koei Tecmo has today announced the Interactive Action system which allows them to make use of their surroundings like never before. Let's be real here, you will be able to climb buildings, mountains, and other terrains, and we will be able to use grappling hooks to cross walls. Trigger Attacks will allow players to start an explosive combo. "These new actions offer a breadth of new possibilities for players to take advantage of while traveling around third-century China, or when caught in the heat of battle". If your combo is successful, you can then end it with a devastating Finish Attack that obliterates any foes in its path.

In addition to a new trailer, Koei Tecmo sent over some info for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9, the first true open world game in the series.