Courts are right in blocking Trump's travel ban

  • Courts are right in blocking Trump's travel ban

Courts are right in blocking Trump's travel ban

NY [U.S.], June 20: The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court has formally cleared the way for President Donald Trump's executive order on travel restrictions to move forward, but with a proviso that there will have to be internal reviews and vetting procedures of other countries for visa applications.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the injunction was overly-broad last week. Under Watson's amended order, Trump cabinet members can continue to review the procedures of other countries in regard to their vetting of visas and can continue to study the internal mechanisms of the US government's processes.

Following the Ninth Circuit's ruling, the Trump Administration asked the Supreme Court for supplemental briefing to address the Ninth Circuit's decision.

Chin initially brought the case against Trump's travel ban before Watson in the District of Hawaii federal court.

Last Wednesday, Trump issued a memo to his Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence, instructing their agencies to begin internal vetting reviews and to activate the travel and refugee bans 72 hours after the injunctions are lifted.

Yesterday, June 19, Judge Watson ordered the injunction to be revised consistent with the Ninth Circuit opinion.

Watson's order put the administration in something of a bind - the government's stated rationale for interrupting migrant entry for 90 days was to assess the strength of its vetting processes.

The rest of the travel ban remains blocked.

"T$3 he Government grounded its (unsuccessful) defense of the Order on one key rationale: The travel and refugee bans are allegedly necessary stopgap measures while the Administration conducts a review and upgrade of existing vetting procedures".

"Two days after the Ninth Circuit's decision, the President removed any doubt that the courts were correct".

"Two Courts of Appeals are now united in enjoining Executive Order No. 13,780-a policy that flouts the limits of executive power, denigrates Muslim-Americans, and threatens the nation's reputation as a place of refuge for immigrants and refugees alike".