Beyonce and Jay Z welcome twins

  • Beyonce and Jay Z welcome twins

Beyonce and Jay Z welcome twins

There have been rumblings all week Beyonce gave birth in a Los Angeles hospital. The album will be available to Tidal and Sprint customers on June 30, which means plenty of time to retrain your fingers into typing out "JAY-Z".

Accompanied by two friends and a bodyguard, the Empire State Of Mind rapper was spotted leaving his Beverly Hills mansion in an SUV. Jay-Z, who changed his name again by adding a hyphen, was reportedly in tears as he held his newborn babies for the first time.

This was the caption accompanied by an image of her in the set of Edward Scissorhands was her announcement to millions of her fans: "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over", the star said back then.

Appropriately, the babies were born under Gemini, the Zodiac sign symbolised by twins.

Barack Obama had earlier sparked rumours that the twins were two girls due to a video message he shared in honour of Jay Z being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

CNN also reports confirmation through a source close to the couple.

However, Beyonce's social-media accounts have said nothing.

Both twins are still in the hospital along with Bey after it was reported that there was a "minor issue" keeping them there.

"It's not real until the queen herself reveals it", one fan tweeted.

"#Beyonce, sweetie. I know you're in recovery, but where are the pics? We've been pregnant with you for too long, honey".

Beyonce has kept a low profile in recent months, dropping out of Coachella (she was replaced by Lady Gaga) in April and skipping the New York Met Gala in May. I know they'll need a nanny.