Boeing unveils plans for new version of 737 Max

  • Boeing unveils plans for new version of 737 Max

Boeing unveils plans for new version of 737 Max

But US planemaker Boeing is expected to generate a fresh burst of activity at the world's biggest airshow by launching the 737 MAX 10 to plug a gap against European rival Airbus's A321neo.

It is expected to cost a bit more than the 737 Max-9, which runs at $119 million according to list prices.

CORRECTS PLANE MAKERS NAME Boeing planes displayed at Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget, east of Paris, France, Tuesday, June 20, 2017 in Paris.

Mr. McAllister said more than 10 customers have already committed to buying the plane.

"Many airports are running out of capacity and for those airports this is a ideal aircraft", said Ajay Singh, the chairman of low-priced Indian airline SpiceJet, as his company signed a provisional deal to buy 40 MAX 10s.

The Max series of jets are created to be a more fuel-efficient version of the workhorse 737, Boeing's most popular commercial plane.

The Gurgaon-based no-frills airline had earlier this year announced that it will purchase up to 205 new aircraft (including 55 from the 2014 order) from Boeing with the order valued at United States dollars 22 billion. They include 40 percent of Airbus' 2016 single-engine planes, an increase from 13 percent in 2010. He said even in the face of Boeing's new plane, Airbus would maintain a market-share edge.

Big narrowbodies are particularly important for future profits. The sale would also bolster the tally for Airbus's outgoing sales chief John Leahy, who's still negotiating deals at what will probably be his last Paris show, after racking up more than $1 trillion in orders during his two-decade tenure.

Despite slower growth in some of the hottest aviation markets, Boeing said it continued to see "resilient" demand with a long-term growth trend in traffic of 5 percent a year.

That's greater than its 39,620 plane delivery forecast from previous year.

Macron landed Monday at the Bourget airfield in an Airbus A400-M military transport plane to launch the aviation showcase, where the latest Boeing and Airbus passenger jets will vie for attention with an F-35 warplane, drones and other and high-tech hardware.

"In fact, frankly, we look at the demand for really big airplanes and we find it hard to believe that Airbus will be able to deliver the rest of their A380s in backlog", Marketing Vice-President Randy Tinseth said in a briefing.

Military aircraft are also a key part of the air show, and the spectacular displays of supersonic combat planes are a key draw for the crowds.