Allegheny County makes list of medical marijuana permits awarded

  • Allegheny County makes list of medical marijuana permits awarded

Allegheny County makes list of medical marijuana permits awarded

Collins said the program will announce its 27 picks for distributors by the end of the month.

Green said the state's choice not to provide Philadelphia a pot grower-processor license was a missed opportunity.

Salemme has been fighting to get medical marijuana for her 10-year-old son Jackson, who has intractable epilepsy.

Although patients cannot buy medical marijuana in Pennsylvania now, they can get it outside the state with a prescription. "When you're manufacturing product, you're going to have a lot more employees".

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has awarded a Carmichaels area facility one of 12 receiving permits to be grower/processors of medical marijuana.

"These are the creme of the crop, the folks who won".

"For people who are disabled and in chronic pain, it's OK".

Leach sponsored the medical marijuana bill, which was signed into law a year ago.

Pennsylvania Medical Solutions LLC, a company based in Minnesota, was awarded a permit to turn a warehouse into a medical marijuana growing and processing site. Ilera Healthcare is registered to a residential address in Montgomery County; AES Compassionate Care is registered in Dauphin County.

"This is what we want for the state of Pennsylvania. But for other people like young people, for recreational use, no", Kortes said.

The growers will have six months to meet standards that show they are operational, after which they can begin growing. Growers cannot grow until the department tells them they are operational.

It's understandable that the state Department of Health is proceeding with caution when it comes to the rollout of Pennsylvania's new medical marijuana industry. "I think it would've been an economic boost to the community with at least 50 jobs".

"We're anticipating early 2018", Feissner said Tuesday. The program splits the state into 6 regions, each with 2 growing facilities.

The medical marijuana office received 457 total applications: 177 for growers/processors and 280 for dispensaries.

Now that permits have been granted, access to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is closer than it has ever been before. Rep. Matt Baker is chairman of the health committee.

The Arkansas Department of Health will accept medical marijuana registry identification card applications on June 30.

Medical Solutions' parent company, the physician-led Vireo Health, has subsidiaries in NY and Minnesota, where marijuana extracts are regulated for medical use and recreational pot remains outlawed. That process has been carefully constructed over the past century to protect patient health and safety. But the constitutional amendment approved in November could make marijuana available to hundreds of thousands of patients - and make Florida one of the largest cannabis markets in the country. The state laws that approved marijuana as a "medicine" did so through a political process rather than through a scientific process.