PGA Tour to start blood testing next season

  • PGA Tour to start blood testing next season

PGA Tour to start blood testing next season

The tour's anti-doping policy began in June 2008.

The revisions, approved by the PGA TOUR Policy Board, include the implementation of blood testing, supplementation of TOUR's Prohibited List to include all of the substances and methods now on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List of Substances and Methods, and the reporting of suspensions related to drugs of abuse (recreational drugs).

The PGA Tour has made some significant changes to its anti-doping policy, which will come into effect in October at the start of the 2017-18 season. Prior to the implementation of the new protocols, only urine testing had been done on a random basis on the PGA Tour, which is unreliable for HGH. Once the process is complete, the tour will issue a statement naming the player, the length of the ban and whether or not the suspension is for a performance-enhancing substance or recreational drug.

Tuesday morning, the PGA Tour announced multiple changes to its drug testing program, with one being of major significance.

Get prep sports breaking news alerts from the Gwinnett Daily Post staff delivered to your email. Some banned substances are best detected by blood tests, including Human Growth Hormone, which had been banned even though no blood test program was in place. Stallings did not fail a drug test - he turned himself in when he realized an anabolic agent a doctor prescribed for him was on the banned list.

Blood testing will allow the tour to detect any use of human growth hormone (HGH), which is on the list of banned substances but can not be detected through urine. Recreational drugs fell under the tour's private "conduct unbecoming a professional" disciplinary policy. He has said he was tested while taking DHEA and never failed a test.

Golfers who competed in last year's Rio Olympics underwent blood testing with no issues. "We saw no impact", he said. He was suspended for 90 days but the suspension was lifted and his earnings during that time released from escrow when WADA removed that item from its banned list.