New GTA 5 Machinima Shows Take-Two and Rockstar Killing Off Mods

We don't have the full contents of Rockstar's cease and desist yet. The petition basically states that with the shut down of OpenIV, there are thousands of epople who can not access the program to do modifications to Grand Theft Auto V. It then goes onto say that this is a hobby for a lot of people, and the shutdown of the tool leaves people without their hobby.

Take-Two Interactive, the publishing house behind GTA V, has shut down several modding menus for PC players over the weekend. Rockstar has defended the move, saying that it "enables recent malicious mods", and since then, Take-Two has shut down a number of other mods that allow for cheating and griefing online. Trying to applanate the conflict, the Rockstar game company declared in a statement that they are working hard to find a new alternative without affecting the community of players.

In addition to the negative reviews on Steam and cries of outrage online, fans of the OpenIV modding tool have amassed over 40,000 signatures on their petition.

Take-Two isn't slowing down in its quest to shut down the modders.

The reviews are getting pretty nasty. Of course, these operations inside the game are for 2 to 4 players. This is unacceptable in my opinion. After all, modding tools fuel everything from the ever-elusive Chiliad Mystery, to popular role-playing servers.

So what can you do about it?

Currently, the petition has amassed over 52,000 supporters and is just 23,000 away from reaching its goal of 75,000 supporters. At the time or writing, over fifty-thousand of you have already signed in support. They can even freeze and even kick people straight from the game. Apparently, it did not stop there, as few more modding tools and/or software are closing due to the company's decision.

As reported by the publication, two in-game cheat menu mods have now been officially closed, Forcehax and Menyoo, both of which operated on Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer game, GTA Online and charged users.

Steam reviews for the game have become "overwhelmingly negative" (Steam's words, not mine), with over 30,000 reviews in the last 30 days being negative- majority coming after Take 2's cease and desist for the OpenIV modding tool, and citing their stance against mods as the reason.