Contreras hits HR, Baez scores on error, Cubs beat Padres

Anthony Rizzo tried to score on a sixth-inning flyout to center field, but Matt Szczur's throw to home plate beat the Cubs star there by a country mile.

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant is back in the lineup for Monday's home game against the San Diego Padres.

There is an attached comment in the rules that says if a catcher blocks a player's path to home plate, the umpire should rule the contact was unavoidable. "I think he likes doing it".

Anthony Rizzo said it's "game on".

"I think you look at that play and it's a fairly egregious violation of the rule", San Diego manager Andy Green said.

"I've talked to a lot of umpires about this rule", he told CSN Chicago's Patrick Mooney. "It's my understanding if they have the ball, it's game on". "By no means do I think that's a dirty play at all". He caught the ball.

Be on the lookout for emotions to erupt the next two days especially when Rizzo steps into the batter's box against a Friars pitcher.

Additionally: "A slide shall be deemed appropriate, in the case of a feet first slide, if the runner's buttocks and legs should hit the ground before contact with the catcher". "It's one of those plays it's unfortunate he exited".

Rizzo has a very solid point, especially if that's how Major League Baseball umpires are explaining it to him.

"I'd much prefer what Rizz did tonight". What he did was right, absolutely right. The catcher's in the way. The catcher's in the way, you don't try to avoid him in an effort to score and hurt yourself. Even the year before that, it just kind of felt like everyone was hitting, more guys on base, obviously more runs. He protected the plate.

"Well #Padres fans, should the #Padres retaliate in this series for the slide by Rizzo?" "That's part of the game". But he was in front of the plate.

Rizzo is ultra-competitive and wants to win. They have every right to be. It should be noted that Chacin has never hit Rizzo with a pitch.

Pirates: Travel to Milwaukee for a four-game series with the Brewers that starts Monday night.

Still, San Diego fans were not pleased, with a verified Twitter account for the Padres Radio Network calling for retaliation.

The Padres were clearly upset with Rizzo. We'll see if any of that spills over into today's game. The players don't operate or make decisions in slow motion.

Manny Machado's RBI single in the sixth gave Baltimore an 8-2 lead.

Will Rizzo get suspended for this play?

"I know we're swinging the bats a little better", he said. Probably not, but it's possible.

This wouldn't have been a discussion a handful of years ago, but the rules regarding collisions at home plate have since been tightened. For Hedges, it was an injury, as he limped away from the play and is not expected to be in the Padres' lineup on Tuesday. It's not like Maddon's and Rizzo's arguments hinge on that or anything. Was that the case with Hedges?