Kelly presses 'Infowars' host Jones on Sandy Hook denial

  • Kelly presses 'Infowars' host Jones on Sandy Hook denial

Kelly presses 'Infowars' host Jones on Sandy Hook denial

The much-hyped Megyn Kelly interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Sunday touched several times on his statements that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre didn't happen, but spent as much time on his relationship with President Trump.

Backlash to the announcement of Kelly's interview with Jones had been swift, and worsened after a smiling selfie of Jones and Kelly emerged, with some questioning Kelly's decision to give a platform to a virulent conspiracy theorist who has called 9/11 a hoax and accused the government of staging the Sandy Hook shooting.

To the slightest relief of decent people everywhere - some who may have been watching NBC's "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly" against their better nature - the host was tougher on Jones that she was with Vladimir Putin a couple weeks ago. She said she found Jones' suggestion that Sandy Hook was a hoax "personally revolting" as does "every other rational person". Some companies pulled their advertisements from NBC in the wake of the controversy, and an NBC affiliate said it would not air the program. "I will not let you down", Trump said during an appearance on Jones's radio show in December 2015.

Sandy Hook Promise, an organization created by the parents of Sandy Hook victims and dedicated to saving children from gun violence, has created a petition to prevent NBC from airing the interview. And in Kelly's case, it requires a transformation from her former role as a cable news host in the center of the political fray into someone more trusted by the general public.

The immediate reaction to the segment was mixed, with both Kelly and Jones supporters calling it a victory for their side. And I said, 'How insane is it that liberal trendies are now the victims?' And then I start going and looking.

It was an interesting move on the part of NBC and Kelly's show - in a way allowing them to analyze Jones without actually letting him go nuts on air. Jones has said he believed it will be a "fraud", and said he would release an unedited version of the interview that he recorded.

The one strong takeaway from the entire segment was that Jones is newsworthy and unsafe because he has the ear of our volatile president.

The NBC station in CT did not air the interview.

The segment aired by NBC is extremely brief-less than 18 minutes in length-and only a sliver is devoted to the exchange between Kelly and Jones. Kelly invited the families of Sandy Hook on her show so they could underline the pain of people suggesting their children weren't killed during the interview.

Complaints from Newtown families due to Jones' odious assertions that Sandy Hook was a hoax heightened the pressure. Yet, that doesn't mean that you have to talk to him.

The question on everyone's mind leading up to Sunday's episode of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly was whether the show could offer an informative take on the cultural phenomenon that is Alex Jones, or whether it would simply provide another platform for his incendiary - and false - viewpoints. But he added that he remained skeptical after he "watched the footage" of children leaving the building.

"That pattern, reckless accusations followed by equivocation and excuses, is classic Alex Jones", she said. I looked at all the angles of Newtown.

Mindful of the blowback, NBC made what was surely a tactical maneuver by enlisting the gravitas of Tom Brokaw to share thoughts about "hate speech" in the digital age.

After spending more than a decade at Fox, Kelly signed a multimillion dollar contract with NBC earlier this year.