Pro-Trump protesters disrupt NYC's Julius Caesar, 1 arrested

  • Pro-Trump protesters disrupt NYC's Julius Caesar, 1 arrested

Pro-Trump protesters disrupt NYC's Julius Caesar, 1 arrested

A woman walked on stage during a production of Julius Caesar in Central Park Friday night in protest of the play.

On stage, Loomer shouted, "Stop the normalization of political violence against the right". She said she has set up a website for contributions to her "legal defense fund".

Moments later, a second protester identified as Jack Posobiec stood up in the crowd and gestured, screaming: "You are all Goebbels!" A New York Police Department official confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a 24-year-old female protester was arrested and is now in custody with charges pending.

The production has drawn criticism for its depiction of Julius Caesar as a President Donald Trump-like figure and how its dramatizes Caesar's assassination.

The performance has rankled the right because of the resemblance of the Julius Caesar character to President Donald Trump.

The crowd booed, the production was paused as she continued: "Stop the violence against Donald Trump!".

The show quickly resumed as a stage manager announced, over the public address system, "Pick up at 'liberty and freedom, '" prompting cheers and jollity from the audience, according to eyewitness accounts. You don't "take back" theater overnight, and you certainly don't do it by rudely interrupting a performance then calling the audience murderers and Nazis. You are inciting terrorists! For the unfamiliar with the history of World War II, Joseph Goebbels was Nazi Germany's chief political propagandist. She managed to get her message out before the announcer called for security and the play was momentarily shut down. It noted its staging has "provoked heated discussion" but "such discussion is exactly the goal of our civically-engaged theater; this discourse is the basis of a healthy democracy".

Just two days ago, James Hodgkinson, a long-time Democratic Party activist, shot and critically injured Steve Scalise, a Republican Congressman. Angry Trump supporters even convinced Bank of America and Delta Air Lines to pull their sponsorship of the program. Will liberals condemn its violence and terrorism before more innocent people get hurt or killed? "Who wants to go watch the Trump assassination play...maybe use some "free speech" during the play?" on Wednesday. Laura was released on bail and tweeted that she's not sorry for what she did because she categorically condemns political violence, which has escalated on the left in recent months.