Miley Cyrus gets real about why she quit smoking weed

  • Miley Cyrus gets real about why she quit smoking weed

Miley Cyrus gets real about why she quit smoking weed

Miley told Fallon she's 'always been very stoned on [his] shows, ' referencing a past appearance she made in October of 2015.

Miley Cyrus has turned over a new leaf after starting to work on new music, and the former wild child has famously given up smoking weed. She says that's the longest she's ever gone without it. Her new single "Malibu" is markedly different from her last album, Bangerz. Thanks for nothing, Miley.

According to Miley, she stopped smoking weed because she yearned for a sense of clarity.

"This is my first time [playing] at the subway station", Cyrus told the crowd. There's a reason for that.

Not only did they sing "Jolene", but then Miley pulled out her classic, "Party in the U.S.", and a huge crowd formed in the Rockefeller Center station.

Cyrus also explained that she would have a "nightmare" about hosting Saturday Night Live under the influence of marijuana. That I would just get so stoned that I just died, which I Googled, and that's never happened. "It's like no one's died form weed but no one's ever smoked as much as I did, so they don't really know", Cyrus joked.

Get Miley's full explanation below. I'm excited that it makes me re-love my songs, because I love how much people love them...

In one final fun game, the two sang popular songs that had been translated into Croatian and then back into English using Google Translate. Cyrus revealed to Billboard magazine in May that she's now not drinking or doing any drugs-a surprising revelation given the fact that weed was an integral component of her Bangerz and Dead Petz eras.

'I don't know how many fans I would have left because my family is absolutely insane, ' Miley responded. Disguised as low-key country performers, Miley and Jimmy gave a rousing performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" for unsuspecting riders. "I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be".