Grenfell Tower fire: 2 young sisters located at hospital by loved ones

  • Grenfell Tower fire: 2 young sisters located at hospital by loved ones

Grenfell Tower fire: 2 young sisters located at hospital by loved ones

The Grenfell Tower block fire tragedy has left many of London's residents in deep shock over the past few days as many families have lost loved ones in the devastating fire that ripped through the 27 storey building on Tuesday night, however in the past few hours many have been given renewed hope after two young girls were found alive in the burntout remains of the housing block.

Farah Hamdan and her six-month-old baby are among the missing, along with Ms Hamdan's husband Omar Belkadi.

The search continues for their six-month-old sister, Leena, mother, Farah Hamdan, and father, Omar Belkadi.

Miraculously, the pair were found living - though very sick - by their mother's cousin Adel Chaoui.

'I'm so angry with the police, they need to give us more information.

Mr Chaoui told The Telegraph: "We have a six and an eight-year-old - one is traumatised and the other is in a coma".

He said: "We have had no help from the police, we understand that they're busy but they've got casualties in the hospitals".

"People are having to make contact with the hospitals themselves who are being told they can't get any information".

He told the newspaper: "My family has been round all the hospitals asking for anyone who matches the descriptions".

Mr Chaoui said they were given nearly no information about where the two children who have been found were, until a health worker at one hospital they went to took pity on them. My brother was staring at another child in another bed.

Relatives said that one of the children was in a coma, while the other had been sedated because of trauma.

Relatives of the sisters sent an urgent request for help on social media after the family was reported missing.

Girls have photos of a missing child on their t-shirts near scene of the massive fire in Grenfell Tower.

Anxious relatives came across the girls in St Mary's Hospital. It appears that they ran to the roof when the fire broke out and were taken from there to the hospital.