IS has 100000 civilians as 'human shields' in Mosul's Old City

  • IS has 100000 civilians as 'human shields' in Mosul's Old City

IS has 100000 civilians as 'human shields' in Mosul's Old City

The United Nations believes up to 150,000 civilians are still trapped in harrowing conditions in Mosul's Old City, where ISIL fighters battling advancing Iraqi forces are shooting at anyone trying to flee as part of a tactic to keep them as human shields.

Iraqi forces said they were about to complete the encirclement of Islamic State's stronghold in the Old City of Mosul, after taking control of a neighboring district on Thursday.

"More than 100,000 civilians may still be held in the Old City".

"All indications are that it's going to get much much worse for the civilians trapped in the city before it's going to get any better", said Smith. "They are surrounded by fighting on every side". "And. ISIS snipers continue to aim at people trying to flee because there is this long-standing policy of executing people trying to leave the territory of the caliphate". Dozens of fighters were reported killed in the fighting, and the ISIS fighters were ultimately expelled back into their portion of Mosul's Old City. Today, several groups are cooperating on the ground, but primarily due to worldwide pressure and the USA handling of military operations.

The Indians were taken hostage in ISIS-held Mosul in 2014.

This was discovered by one of the new innovations in the humanitarian operation in Mosul: "trauma stabilization units" that have been set up around IS-controlled areas to do "immediate triage of trauma victims" as soon as they cross into safety, which has helped save lives, she said.

More than half a million people have been displaced from west Mosul since the campaign began to defeat the ISIS group there, following the liberation of the eastern half in January.

Geddo said the UNHCR opened its 13th camp two weeks ago to accommodate the growing numbers of people fleeing Mosul.

Geddo said the United Nations agency so far had provided assistance to more than 500,000 of the displaced people, and was also attempting to help those returning to Mosul, often to live in bombed-out buildings.