Governor appeals for voluntary blood donation

  • Governor appeals for voluntary blood donation

Governor appeals for voluntary blood donation

The Minister of Health, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, said the ministry together with its partners will ensure all State hospitals have blood banks, to help emergency cases in the States. Having been inspired by his host who is a blood donor, he had to wait till he was 18 to donate blood.

The governor of Nagaland has called upon community and civic organisations, scout and guides, ex-servicemen etc., to organize blood donation camps on different occasions. Furthermore, he adds, the donor reaps some health benefits as well, including balancing the amount of iron in your blood and exercising your liver.

Employees of the network provider and LUTH workers led the blood donation campaign to bring relief to patients while calling on Nigerians to voluntarily and freely donate their blood to save the lives of others.

It is safe to donate the blood every 90 days once.

"Blood is the most precious gift that someone can offer".

The governor of Nagaland PB Acharya has paid tribute to the contribution of blood donors as 'because of these heroes that we believe life will be given a better chance'.

Mr Springford was among 32 local blood donors awarded milestone awards to mark National Blood Donor Week.

She said people are often busy coming up to the summer months and that recent iron-guideline changes have extended the times between donations for women. It also builds public awareness of the need for committed, year-round blood donation, in order to maintain adequate supplies and achieve a national self-sufficiency of blood.

Head of Hematology and Blood Transfusion at LUTH, Prof.

World Blood Donor Day is commemorated every year on 14th June.

"There is always a need for blood". According to him, many lives would have been saved if there was enough blood in the blood bank. "Many felt that blood donation leads to weakness", said Dr Suchet Sachdev, department of blood transfusion, PGIMER. I know it is true, we do not learn anything in real unless we face it.

"We consider daily shortage of blood in hospitals as an emergency which should be addressed immediately", she said. I do not remember where but I remember a caption that said "Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but your blood can". The actual donation only takes about 10 minutes. Somehow they arranged for it. If you've ever considered donating, or have fallen out of the habit, now is a great time to start. "There's a number of blood products (and) we love every single one of them".

More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year.