First National Clean Air Day hits Somerset

  • First National Clean Air Day hits Somerset

First National Clean Air Day hits Somerset

CIEH has also expressed concerns that government has focused on Clean Air Zones within its proposals, which it has claimed are viewed as a "panacea" to solving air pollution.

It is estimated that 2,000 people die prematurely in Manchester every year due to air pollution.

Within the plan, the government has stated: "Local authorities are already responsible for improving air quality in their area, but will now be expected to develop new and creative solutions to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, while avoiding undue impact on the motorist".

"The current plans for cleaning up our air are shamefully inadequate".

In response, the environmental charity is calling for properly funded, charging Clean Air Zones to be introduced by the end of 2018, covering all places where air is otherwise predicted to be at illegal levels in 2019 and beyond.

Friends of the Earth Scotland are urging all levels of Government to tackle air pollution by adopting better transport policies.

Within its own fleet, the council is phasing in the use of electric vehicles to replace diesel, with a further six new electric Nissan vans being purchased this year for its Streets and Open Spaces service team. But we can't be complacent and recognise much more needs to be done.

Half of the 28% are ditching the auto for walking, cycling or public transport, and the rest are ensuring vehicles are well maintained and do not idle in traffic, a study found. Employers should also be encouraging staff to travel in a more sustainable way.

Coun Lucinda Yeadon, deputy leader and Leeds City Council and executive board member with responsibility for sustainability and the environment said: "It is fantastic to see the response from the people of Leeds to the UK's first ever National Clean Air Day".

Coun Keith Wakefield, chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority said: "West Yorkshire Combined Authority are in full support of Clean Air Day and other initiatives that will help to improve air quality in the region".

"The air we breathe is literally killing us". National Clear Air Day aims to help everyone understand what they can do to help reduce the problem.