Cavs' Kyrie Irving Surprises Dad with Home Renovation

  • Cavs' Kyrie Irving Surprises Dad with Home Renovation

Cavs' Kyrie Irving Surprises Dad with Home Renovation

Irving said their father, Drederick, ultimately gave up his own dream to play professional basketball for Kyrie and his sister, Asia.

A lot has changed for Kevin Durant since 2014.

The Golden State Warriors defeated Irving and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, taking the series in five games.

It is interesting to note that LeBron James, who is Irving's teammate, believes that Allen Iverson is "pound for pound, the greatest player ever".

The Finals MVP was a guest on The Bill Simmons Podcast on Tuesday and said Irving was a better all-around player than Iverson, including that the Cavaliers' point guard is a better ball handler than Iverson. I love everything he stands for. "Because LeBron's gonna win some more". Because the spin he got on it and he don't got to look at it. I feel like Kyrie got more skill. While neither team is shy to get off shots at each other, and the battles on the court are vicious, there's less disrespect thrown around than there was in the earlier years of this rivalry. "It happened to me before, it happened to me before". I don't want no problems with AI. "Y'all might have to cut that one. I wanted Durant to feel what I never got the chance to feel". Maybe. Maybe not. But Iverson has admitted in the past that he thinks Irving's (and Steph Curry's) handles are much better than his. Drederick Irving still lives in their childhood house in West Orange, New Jersey, so his 25-year-old son decided he deserved some upgrades. Irving is also a more prolific 3-point shooter, but 3s weren't almost as big of a part of the game during Iverson's era, and A.I. probably could have developed his long-range shot if he felt it were necessary.