Stephen King says President Trump blocked him on Twitter

  • Stephen King says President Trump blocked him on Twitter

Stephen King says President Trump blocked him on Twitter

But it seems that Trump finally managed to reach is breaking point after the author tweeted, "Trump's cabinet offers a postgraduate-level course in a**-kissing". "I'll always have Pence, hahahaha", referring to US Vice President Mike Pence.

Could you have made a character like Trump up?

The White House didn't respond to a request for comment.

Even better? King doesn't even tag Trump. This upset King so much, well not really, but he jokingly tweeted out that, "I may have to kill myself". The "Harry Potter" writer said she could keep King updated on Trump's tweets. We're just here to talk about our love for the horror genre.

Stephen King claims he was blocked from viewing President Trump's Twitter. However, King doesn't have to worry about losing access to see the president's tweets. There is something in this world that scares Stephen King, the man who has scared generations of readers and cinema-goers.

It is not entirely clear if people who follow Stephen King on Twitter, and retweet will reach President Trump.

Trump also recently blocked @VoteVets, an organisation that represents half a million military veterans and their families in the US.

In fact, Stephen King is a bit late to the party.

The literary world is not a big fan of Donald Trump's, in particular, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling, both of whom have been particularly vocal about their opposition to the USA president on Twitter. Here are 68 times (so far) King has referenced Trump via social media (minus the one time King joked about Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama at the Republican National Convention last year).