Fox News Channel Jettisoned "Fair & Balanced" Tag For "Most Watched-Most Trusted"

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Fox News Channel Jettisoned "Fair & Balanced" Tag For "Most Watched-Most Trusted"

This said slogan came under fire many times over the past twenty years, with many feeling as though "fair and balanced" was not actually an accurate depiction of the network's right-leaning viewpoint on many stories.

One insider told the outlet that the slogan had "been mocked" while another executive said the tagline was "too closely associated with Roger".

It was frequently mocked by critics because numerous channel's most successful shows had hosts with a clear rightwing agenda. What's different is that the actual promotional phrase "Fair & Balanced" - which had long appeared in advertisements and was also copyrighted - has since been replaced by "Most watched, most trusted". One part of that is inarguable - when looking at their broadcasts over the course of a full day, there are not any other networks out there in cable news that generate the same sort of ratings. Ailes, who left the network a year ago amid allegations or sexual harassment, died last month at age 77.

Fox News's slogan suggested that, far from being the biased right-wing outlet that liberal critics described, it was in fact an unbiased outlet among left-slanted competitors.

Mr Ailes, the founder and ex-chairman of Fox News, resigned past year after female employees made sexual harassment allegations against him, and died last month aged 77. After all, how many of us are familiar with friends and family members who seem to only watch Fox News?

Interestingly, Ailes purposefully chose the slogan in order to counteract what he saw as a natural leftward inclination for news reporting.

UPDATE 3:19 PM ET: Regarding his daily sign off of "Fair, balanced and unafraid", Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted that the move by the network is just for marketing and that he'll still use his personal slogan. Sean Hannity remained on at 10 p.m.

"Fair & Balanced" hasn't been used in any external marketing or on-air promos since late August 2016. A fundamental transformation is necessary, a former Fox executive recently told my colleague Sarah Ellison: "There has to be a course correction or they will lose that very successful business".