Two dead after Kenya building collapse

  • Two dead after Kenya building collapse

Two dead after Kenya building collapse

A total of 49 people died a year ago when another building collapsed during heavy night-time rain in Huruma estate, Nairobi.

The building, which was not licensed by county inspectors, sunk into its foundation on Monday evening. On Tuesday, police fired tear gas after residents angered by the slow deployment of government rescuers hurled stones, said a resident, Hailey Akinyi.

The co-ordinator of the rescue efforts, Pius Masai, said that more than 100 people had been accounted for, but five people were still trapped including a woman with her three children.

"There are some people who sneaked back [in] to collect some of their belongings before the building caved in".

More than four floors were pushed into the ground and there are fears that over a dozen tenants could be trapped beneath the rubble.

Rescue officials say a boy and a girl are now being treated in a hospital.

"Due to delicate operations because of space to operate in, it may take more time", Mwachi said Tuesday night. An excavator was moving rubble.

Some eyewitnesses said the building had been condemned after cracks appeared in its walls.

Quoting City Hall, The Star newspaper said the structure was built in 2007 without planning permission or approval. "But you find that most of these developers were brought by politicians", Nairobi Lands executive Christopher Khaemba told the paper.

People gather at the scene as rescue personel works after a seven-storey building collapsed overnight in the Nairobi suburb of Embakasi.

Kenya Red Cross is conducting an ongoing search and rescue operation at the collapse site with other security and disaster management services.