Isolation of Qatar 'inhumane and against Islamic values', says Turkey President Erdogan

"That (the) United States arms a terrorist group is what causes instability", Khameini wrote on Twitter Monday.

Those attacks, which left at least 12 people dead, were claimed by ISIS.

Qatar is now in the realm of the so-called resistance axis that some turbulent countries, such as Iran and Syria, and some groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, are a part of.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin just days after Qatar's foreign minister was in Moscow to discuss the crisis in Gulf ties.

Jubeir said Qatar can move goods in and out "whenever they want".

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt had earlier severed diplomatic ties and transport links with Qatar, accusing it of supporting "extremism".

Mogadishu has refused to side with the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in their diplomatic offensive against Doha, despite pressures from the anti-Qatar camp.

"The banking and banking transactions and procedures in the State of Qatar continue to be normal, both at the level of local financial transactions and between the Qatari banking sector and foreign banks", the statement read.

Many media outlets in the region - government-owned and independent - have adopted the anti-Qatar stance of their respective governments and began echoing some of Trump's remarks.

Al Thani reportedly hailed Iran as an "Islamic power" and criticized US President Donald Trump's policy towards Tehran.

"So far five planes carrying ... vegetables have been sent to Qatar, each carrying around 90 tonnes of cargo, while another plane will be sent today", Iran Air spokesman Shahrokh Noushabadi said.

Saudi Arabia is not a signatory to the convention.

Al Sharqi also noted that Qatar is working to diversify its industrial manufacturing to meet the growing demands of the local market and export the surplus to other countries.

The slogan and drawing even appears to have made its way to Kerala, India, from where large numbers of the huge two- million strong migrant workforce in Qatar hail, and taken on a life of its own in the Malayalam dialect.

Pakistan has close ties with the kingdom but also business ventures in Qatar.

Al Thani praised French President Emmanuel Macron Monday for being "very active" in attempting to find a "solution to the problem".

"In finding a resolution, I call on Qatar to take seriously their neighbours' concerns".