Florida gyms investigated for Legionnaires' disease

  • Florida gyms investigated for Legionnaires' disease

Florida gyms investigated for Legionnaires' disease

In total there were 85 (3%) definite health care-associated Legionnaires' disease cases (as defined by continuous exposure to a hospital or long-term facility for the entire 10 days before symptom onset) that resulted from 72 different health care facilities.

This analysis aimed to describe health care-associated Legionnaires' disease in 2015 from the 21 US jurisdictions that completely reported their health care-associated Legionnaires' disease cases to the CDC's Supplemental Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance System (SLDSS).

The outbreak is connected to the Summit Greens adult community in Clermont, health officials said.

In New York City, traces of Legionella were detected in the water at a Manhattan police station where an officer diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease works. It can cause a severe form of pneumonia in susceptible populations. But all four people visited the LA Fitness centers and officials aren't aware of other commonalities.

As for the two other confirmed cases of Legionnaire's, both have recovered and returned home.

LA Fitness sent an email to members of its MetroWest and Hunter's Creek locations Friday, stating the bacteria had been linked to the locations.

Donahue it isn't certain the individuals contracted the disease at the health clubs.

According to the Lake County Health Department's lead epidemiologist, a third person was hospitalized with Legionnaires'-type symptoms, tested negative for the disease, but then passed away. People can contract the disease by inhaling aerosol droplets of water contaminated with the bacteria.

Residents at the Watercrest Senior Living Facility who suspect they have or had Legionnaires' disease should see their medical provider for an exam, and if their medical provider suspects they have Legionella, they should report it to DOH-Duval at 904-253-1850 or after hours to 904-434-6035.

Pearson also said warm weather might also help give Legionella better conditions to grow.

There have been 17 cases of Legionnaires' reported in Orange County in 2017 and 30 in 2016, said Kent Donahue, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Health in Orange County. Barreto said in can occur in the natural water sources but is often found in places like hot tubs, air conditioning units, and shower drains where water can get stagnant.