Trump Renominates Rosenworcel to FCC Commissioner

  • Trump Renominates Rosenworcel to FCC Commissioner

Trump Renominates Rosenworcel to FCC Commissioner

Democrats insisted Republicans had agreed in 2015 to reconfirm Rosenworcel as part of a deal to confirm O'Rielly.

Jessica Rosenworcel could be headed back to her old seat at the FCC after President Trump nominated her late Tuesday to fill the open Democratic spot on the Commission.

"I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement that President Trump will nominate her to serve another term on the Federal Communications Commission", Paid said in a prepared statement.

The National Association of Broadcasters also voiced its support for Rosenworcel's return to the Commission on Wednesday. In that event, the Clyburn seat could be paired with the new Republican and Rosenworcel paired with Pai, whose term also ends in June.

In addition to backing net neutrality rules, Rosenworcel has pushed for the expansion of the FCC's Lifeline program, which provides subsidized communications devices and services for low-income users. Clyburn's term expires June 30, but she could stay on the commission throughout 2018 even if the Senate doesn't immediately reconfirm her. Most significantly, she took the cable industry's side in the effort to end the Great Cable Box Rip-Off by noting she had "concerns" over the proposed plan.

Trump has not announced who he intends to nominate for the GOP seat, though it's widely believed to be FCC gen counsel Brendan Carr, who before taking the post in January spent three years as FCC chmn Ajit Pai's wireless, public safety and worldwide legal adviser.

The Senate must confirm her to retake the position. "I look forward to working with her in the fight for an open Internet, affordable broadband and strong consumer privacy protections". "We look forward to working together with the administration to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our industry, including finding additional licensed and unlicensed spectrum". Her nomination is expected to be joined up with the renomination of Pei, whose five-year term ends later this year, the LA Times reports. Nelson is the ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee. "She has shined a spotlight on the need to eliminate the homework gap to ensure America's students have access to the digital tools to help them succeed in school".

"This appointment rights a wrong, because she deserved confirmation a year ago, and should have been sitting on the Commission all along", Georgetown Law lecturer Andrew Schwartzman, an attorney who specializes in media and telecommunications policy, said in a statement provided to Ars. "NAB strongly supports her renomination and confirmation".