White House defends Trump as scathing tweets raise concern

  • White House defends Trump as scathing tweets raise concern

White House defends Trump as scathing tweets raise concern

So now? They're better. "And he's doing it".

"The president has always said that he wanted to buy a newspaper, and Twitter has filled that void - in fact, he notes it's a newspaper without the losses", said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide who was sacked but remains a supporter.

Sessions was Trump's first supporter in the Senate and was an enthusiastic backer throughout the campaign - standing with Trump through multiple controversies.

"All the hankering that goes on by the D.C. elite, your average voter doesn't relate to that", said the adviser. They won't say who that group is.

The change was abrupt.

US President Donald Trump's tweets have been described as grenades.

But this is not a partisan issue, because Republicans are growing anxious about how frequently Trump uses Twitter as well.

On Monday, he took to Twitter to publicly criticize the department's legal strategy in defending his proposed travel ban barring the entry of people from certain Muslim-majority countries into the United States.

This could mean that Scavino plans to force Trump to unblock those users, but the unusual phrasing (Trump "will not stop" - as opposed to start - communicating with the whole country) indicates that Scavino more likely misunderstands the letter.

The ad will air during Comey's testimony Thursday, on CNN and Fox News, as well as appearing digitally online on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. He did it from his personal Twitter account with the handle @RealDonaldTrump about five hours before a White House press release. Local residents have bragged about popping popcorn and canceling lunches to watch what many in the city see as the event of the year.

Why did Comey have Richman call the Times?

Trump fired James Comey, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on May 9 amid accusations that the president was trying to squelch a federal probe into the Russian Federation claims.

But what might have seemed fair during a campaign, even during the presidential campaign when he relentlessly denigrated "crooked Hillary", is very different and far more frightening when the tweeter is the actual president, keeper of the nuclear codes, supposed leader of the free world.

While Denison had often hurled jabs at Trump online, the series of tweets that ended his access came in response to the president's claims that certain media outlets were "fake news".

"I think the same people who are critiquing his use of it now, critiqued it during the election, and it turned out pretty well for him then", Spicer quipped. "The president is the most effective messenger on his agenda and I think his use of social media. gives him an opportunity to speak straight to the American people, which has proved to be a very, very effective tool".

Although Republicans and Democrats have lashed at the handling of his tweets, more tweets are sent unchecked - despite the president's aides suggesting that a team of lawyers should start checking Trump's tweets. (A spokesman confirmed that he does.) His criticism was amplified on Tuesday by Republican members of Congress, including senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, senate foreign relations chairman Bob Corker and senator Lindsey Graham of SC.