Taylor Swift's music is returning to Spotify, Pandora, more

Apple ultimately changed its policies, and Swift allowed her music to be streamed from the service. However, her reversal comes reportedly as a thank-you to her fans after her most recent album 1989 passed the 10 million sales mark.

She has not budged, once, from this stance in two and a half years; even as fans clamored for her music and Spotify wrote an embarrassing love letter to win her back.

It didn't help the drama that Perry and Swift dated John Mayer, albeit not at the same time.

Swift had a well-publicized split from Spotify in 2014 when she was releasing "1989".

See Taylor Swift relationship timeline broken down by VH1 in the video below. Another user chimed in, "This is what Katy gets for name dropping Taylor in every interview".

Questioned on whether her jibes against Swift go against her messages of unity, Perry said: "I said that but, I mean, I'm not Buddha - things irritate me".

Now Witness, the album that Katy Perry seems to have been promoting for the last century, is finally here. The announcement was made late yesterday evening by Taylor Swift's official fan account. That attack ultimately worked, convincing Apple to pay royalties after all, and led to a strong partnership between the two: 1989 appeared on Apple Music from its launch, and Swift has appeared in adverts for the service to boot. In 2014, Swift told Rolling Stone that her song "Bad Blood" was about a female singer who tried to sabotage an arena tour.

Taylor Swift has returned to Spotify and other streaming services. "Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls", she sniped.

The move coincided with the release on Friday of "Witness", a new album by Perry, Swift's pop industry rival with whom she has a long-running personal feud. "Taylor Swift wants to end Katy's career no matter what". At the time, she explained her decision to Yahoo, saying that artists were not being fairly paid for their work.