Trump Organization to launch 'American Ideas' hotel chain

  • Trump Organization to launch 'American Ideas' hotel chain

Trump Organization to launch 'American Ideas' hotel chain

The president's eldest son, Don Jr., also interviewed on Good Morning America, said that the investigation into the Trump campaign's Russian Federation ties "smells like a witch hunt".

Each hotel will be 'specific to the local area, steeped in some American heritage, ' said Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger.

Donald Trump Jr. and brother Eric Trump during the grand opening of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver in February 2017.

Donald Trump Jr. said Monday the new chain will start with three hotels in Mississippi.

The hotel company bearing the president's name is moving into a relatively modest segment of the USA hospitality market, courtesy of a pair of new brands created to be less luxurious than its current locations.

"While we will continue in pursuit of this mission for our luxury Trump Hotels brand, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience across the various segments of the hotel business" and serving "many more guests, owners and markets across the nation", Danziger said in a statement Monday. American Idea would appeal to red-blooded patriots who don't want to stay in one of those snooty leftist hotels that stocks its rooms with sushi and mosques and pretends like Coca-Cola wasn't even invented.

He added that the company had planned a hotel expansion for about two years before Trump's 2016 bid.

American Idea hotels will build upon President Donald Trump's pledge on the campaign trail to put America first. For domestic projects, it hired an ethics adviser to review any decisions that could pose a conflict with Trump's role as president.

But even putting aside the bad arguments Trump's sons were making during the interview, it's important to ask why they're playing the role of presidential surrogates in the first place.

"I love that it's crowded", Danziger said in an interview. Sons of a refugee from India, Suresh and Dinesh Chawla spoke of an America full of promise and profit, if you work hard enough - and maybe get advice from a real estate mogul along the way.

On the same day, the Trump Organization announced that the first property of its four-star hotel line, Scion, will also open in Mississippi.

Trump returned the call and told V.K. Chawla he was impressed by his dream, but that he should try for an SBA Minority loan. But he did spend time on the phone, said Suresh, giving advice on ways to secure a loan elsewhere.

The properties will be owned by the Chawla family.

Trump Hotels now has three agreements signed for American IDEA properties in the Mississippi Delta area.

Danziger said the idea is not political, and the hotels will be located in all corners of the country, including states and cities that voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in last fall's election.

The new chains are "problematic for the same reason all his other businesses are problematic: It provides opportunity for people to influence him by sending business his way", Clark said.

American Idea was just announced today, so obviously some details are still being worked out-such as how much Toby Keith will be blaring in the elevators, how many bald eagles the staff will leave on your pillow to fuck, and just how unethical this latest commingling of Trump's political popularity and his business interests will be. He handed management control of his company to his two adult sons, vowed to make "no new foreign deals" while president and hired an outside council to vet any new deals his sons would strike in the U.S. Their company, he said, is 100 percent owned by the two brothers.