Iranian Drone Shadows US Forces In Syria Day Before Attack

"The coward aggression, carried out by the U.S. under the banner of the so-called global coalition is a unsafe and reckless action, as it proves US' hypocrisy in fighting terrorism", the statement said.

The Syrian army said the warplanes of the US-led coalition struck a Syrian military position near Tanf border crossing with Iraq, leaving a number of "martyrs" and other losses.

The footage of Iran using a drone to track USA military assets was released on Wednesday, just a day before the strike on American-backed forces.

The incident comes a day after Hezbollah warned that the Syrian government's allies will strike at American positions inside Syria if it crosses any "red lines".

The statement did not issue a specific threat, but came hours after a military alliance fighting in support of Damascus threatened to hit US positions in Syria - a response to USA air strikes on pro-Syrian government forces on Tuesday.

A United States official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the strike was carried out by manned, U.S. aircraft.

The assault overlaps with the final stages of the USA -backed attack to recapture the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State.

A statement released by Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the US -led coalition against ISIS, confirmed the strike.

In an apparent message to show the capabilities of Damascus-backer Iran, Hezbollah aired what it said was footage taken undetected by an Iranian unmanned aircraft of a U.S. drone flying over southeastern Syria. "They have not continued to move towards our forces in the Al-Tanf Garrison, but we will continue to attempt to get them to vacate the area".

It is unclear if the coalition forces were marked or easily identifiable.

In recent days, the United States military has repeatedly warned massing forces to stay away from a so-called "de-confliction" zone near a garrison used by American special forces and US-backed fighters around the southern town of At Tanf.

The strikes destroyed two artillery pieces and an anti-aircraft weapon and damaged a tank.

But in recent weeks, officials have complained about various militants refusing to leave an area near Tanf, Syria.

The coalition's presence in Tanf, on the Damascus-Baghdad highway, was also meant to stop Iran-backed groups from opening an overland route between Iraq and Syria, the sources say.

"We really do depend upon the Russians through our de-confliction military help work these things out, and so we hope obviously that will not happen again", he said.

The fallout could have a particularly important effect on the course of the six-year -old Syrian civil war.

This is the second time the US has dropped munitions on the group. The unit, backed by foreign special forces troops, reportedly has captured Jabal Ghrab, a small hill 35 miles north of Tanf that dominates the surrounding landscape.

-US-backed forces announced Tuesday that they had begun the long-awaited assault on the northeastern Syrian city of Raqqa, the so-called Islamic State's main stronghold in the country and its self-declared capital.

"Before the USA struck them the first time, Hezbollah's war media published drone footage of what it claimed were US and allied forces in Jordan, along with declarations of intent to move into that area". "Coalition forces are oriented on ISIS in the Euphrates River Valley".