Liam Gallagher makes surprise appearance at One Love Manchester concert

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher surprised the audience at the One Love Manchester benefit concert, for victims of the Manchester bombing, on Sunday (June 4).

Introducing the track, Gallagher said: "Now i wanna dedicate this next song to the attractive people who were killed and injured in the Manchester terror attack".

There were rumours of an Oasis reunion swirling all week. "It's like Prince!' And I was like, 'I can f-cking assure you, without even hearing it, I can assure you it's not like Prince'".

"I don't mind the song", he backtracked.

"Nah, I just woke up, you know with all the stuff that went on in Manchester, I woke up and I just thought: 'You know what?" "With any joy, he'll be surrounded by a lot of 17-year-old girls, do you know what I mean? We know that. I prefer to be in a band", he told Radio X. You know, the old 1.6m followers.

Among the performers were Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Take That, Coldplay and Ariana Grande herself, who performed a tear-filled version of "Over the Rainbow" to close the show. I'll speak to him some day.

Gallagher flew straight back to Manchester after coming off stage in Germany, surprising the crowd with several of Oasis' biggest hits including Live Forever. We can't be having that, [one living] in a £20million house and the other poor kid living in a £10million house'. It's all very sad, but we'll get over it... There'd be no dodgy gigs, it'd be bang on. So yeah there is unfinished business there, and we'll see what happens.

Liam Gallagher then started to test his guitar, sparking a cry of cheer from the audience.