Wave of terrorist attacks hits London; multiple casualties reported

British Transport Police said they have received reports of multiple casualties.

Armed police and emergency vehicles were earlier dispatched to the London Bridge, where there were unconfirmed reports of bodies lying on the ground, The Independent reported. "He hit about two people in front of me and then three behind", she said.

Jones told the BBC she thought four of the pedestrians were severely injured and being treated by paramedics. Police also say they are responding to incidents at two other locations nearby.

Vauxhall was the third area where police headed on Saturday evening, though The Times said little information was provided about the circumstances.

Police later said that it was also responding to an incident at Borough Market, and armed police are at the scenes.

One witness told Reuters that she saw what appeared to be three people with knife wounds and possibly their throats cut at London Bridge.

She told Radio 5Live: "I was probably two metres away". The police - the London Metropolitan Police - they're the most authoritative source for following these sorts of events in the city.

Gerard Vowls told The Guardian newspaper that he saw a woman being stabbed by three men at the south end of London Bridge.

It also comes less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in northern England.

Tony Murphy, who lives near the area, told Sky News he heard the sound of gunfire.

"After that I went towards Vauxhall and found Holly and Mary who very kindly gave me a place to stay".

And that's what we know so far from London Bridge. There would have been a lot of people on London Bridge.

The London Bridge station has been closed "at the request of police" following what has been described as a "major police incident".

Law enforcement officials in major US cities said they were not aware of any threats but were on alert following the attacks in London.

"It looked like he was aiming for groups of people".

"We ran for like 100 meters and then saw loads of police cars turned up and there was kind of a period of quite intense gunfire", he said.

The London Ambulance Service said, "multiple resources" were being sent to the scene.

"I could see six people on the floor not moving". CNN reports that there have been stabbings.

It also recalled an attack on Westminster Bridge when 52-year-old British Muslim convert Khalid Mahmood rammed his vehicle into pedestrians before crashing into the barriers surrounding parliament and then stabbing a police officer to death.