Nevada leaders deal blows to school vouchers, paid sick time

  • Nevada leaders deal blows to school vouchers, paid sick time

Nevada leaders deal blows to school vouchers, paid sick time

Esports betting is set to become legal in the U.S. state of Nevada after state governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill amending the pari-mutuel wagering rules. The bill sees "sporting events or other events" added to the "off-track pari-mutuel system" section of the Bill, which thus allows wagers.

The "esports betting bill", or Senate Bill 240, is quite an interesting bill as it does not strictly include the word "esports" anywhere in the bill.

Senate Bill 240 extends state laws now in effect on sports wagering to eSports events. The new law SB240 doesn't specifically name eSports, but it does fall under the category of "other events".

Senate Bill 240, which was passed in both houses earlier this month, extends current pari-mutuel gaming legislation to include eSports betting under the definition of "other events", also allowing betting on events not now covered such as winners at the Oscars, but still prohibiting betting on politics. The Commission has the ability to adopt, amend and repeal regulations that are related to such betting options. The pari-mutuel matchmaker takes a percentage, with the remainder being divided among the winning bettors.

The NGC may also require fingerprinting of those obtaining licenses and information regarding the applicant's habits, antecedents and character.

Existing gaming legislation had previously only allowed betting at state horse and greyhound racing tracks, and athletic sporting events. This amount must not go over 5% of the amount collected and paid to the State Treasurer by the Commission to the State General Fund.

While the rejection of Senate Bill 374 and Senate Bill 416 represent unfortunate news for those addicted to opioids and potential MMJ apprentices in the Silver State, the possible signing ofSenate Bill 375 later today represents hope for the chairman of the Nevada Tribal Cannabis Alliance. Las Vegas has hosted several tournaments, including the Halo World Championships at the Millennial's Esports Arena.