He Died a Hero in Portland, Then Someone Stole His Ring

  • He Died a Hero in Portland, Then Someone Stole His Ring

He Died a Hero in Portland, Then Someone Stole His Ring

A spokesperson said: 'Suspect in theft of property from Ricky Best has been apprehended.

The confrontation reportedly began when Christian started verbally harassing two teenage girls - one of whom was wearing a hijab - and lobbing anti-Muslim slurs at them on a MAX train in Portland.

Best, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, all stepped in to stop the abuser - 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian.

Portland Police investigating a murderous attack on three men have come across an additional, disgusting detail.

Best and Meche died as a result of the wounds they sustained.

Police say the backpack contains items that are personal and important to the Best family.

The suspect is described by police as a white male with blond hair cut in a mullet and wearing distinctive clothing: a black Jordan Brand baseball cap; a black T-shirt with an image of Marilyn Monroe and an American flag; black shorts, and black shoes.

Christian was arraigned on Tuesday on three felony murder charges, one felony assault charge, three felony weapons charges and two misdemeanor counts of intimidation.

The suspect was caught on surveillance camera leaving the train carrying Best's backpack.

He has a history of making bigoted comments online and in local publications.

He is due to appear in court again on 7 June.

The Southern Poverty Law Center described Christian as a "known white supremacist", according to the Denver Post.

The backpack contained contact information for people Best served in the Army with, KOIN reports.

"People in the community saw this and felt the understandable rage that I think everybody felt", Simpson said. His funeral is set for Monday at Christ the King Catholic Church in Milwaukie, Ore. "He was just telling us that we basically weren't anything and that we should kill ourselves".