Hunter Strickland suspended 6 games, Bryce Harper 4

  • Hunter Strickland suspended 6 games, Bryce Harper 4

Hunter Strickland suspended 6 games, Bryce Harper 4

Washington Nationals' Daniel Murphy (20) tries to restrain teammate Bryce Harper (34) after Harper charged San Francisco Giants' Hunter Strickland after being hit with a pitch in the eighth inning of a baseball game Monday, May 29, 2017, in San Francisco. Harper took the beaning personally, by yelling something at Strickland and proceeding to charge the mound.

Bryce Harper has been suspended four games for charging the mound Monday in San Francisco.

In other words, I do believe in players policing their own game, at least to some extent. They both were ejected, but no injuries were reported after the benches and bullpens emptied. The ejection was the first of Strickland's career and ninth for Harper, who has been thrown at several times since he broke in as a highly-touted rookie. Did Strickland really hold a grudge for three years after giving up two homers in a playoff series the Giants won during a postseason that ended with them holding the big trophy?

"I know Buster has got our backs", Strickland said. These suspensions are misguided, do not reflect the level of culpability of Strickland and Harper and, worst of all, encourage pitchers to throw at hitters in the future.

The two teams face off again tonight at AT&T Park at 7:15. "Obviously, I've left the ball over the plate a couple times to him, and he's taken advantage of that". The more disturbing part of the ugly scene may be how it took four of Strickland's teammates to force him off of the field and carry him into the clubhouse after the fight was broken up. That being the case, you could hardly blame the men in blue if, in the absence of Harper's hysterics, Strickland had gotten off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Harper told reporters he was happy Morse got in Samardzija's way before he could throw a punch. "I don't blame Bryce for what he did whatsoever".

"I was really disappointed in all that myself", Maddon said on the Spiegel and Parkins Show on 670 The Score on Tuesday. "What I don't like to see is a lot of chirping and guys just talking crap to each other".

Not where some expected to find the Giants team leader with his pitcher, Hunter Strickland, exchanging head shots with Harper.

But perhaps the best justification for Harper's actions is that it resulted in Strickland getting the suspension he deserved.

Whether you agree with this culture of baseball or not, it is their culture. Harper said. "You never want to get suspended or anything like that, but sometimes you just have to go get 'em. So know that. But, I'm just saying, and I'm not gonna tell you who told him, I'm just saying that he's been told, 'stay out of the pile, '" Krukow said.