St Louis boy's Facebook video calls for end to violence

  • St Louis boy's Facebook video calls for end to violence

St Louis boy's Facebook video calls for end to violence

Cheatham calls the video a "PSA" in her post, and its message is in part a request for older people to pay attention to the impact violence has on children. The video had over 86,000 views as of Monday morning.

"I'm scared to die", Jeffrey Laney, a kindergartener, said in the Facebook video that his mother, Leanndra Cheatham, posted last week. Bates says he watches the news with Jeffrey and tries to put the crime into context by explaining to him that it's wrong. "I don't want nothing to happen to all my family", Jeffrey says in the video.

"I'm really serious", the boy said to the camera before mentioning the drive-by-shooting.

"All of these people out here killing... How can you not trust a 6-year-old without a criminal record?" "Ya'll need to stop this stuff because that ain't gonna get them nowhere but locked up", Jeffrey said in the video.

"I'm scared to die".

"I'm a kid and I'm not supposed to know all of this stuff".

"I film my son a lot, if you look at my Facebook", Cheatham said. "I don't 'posed to be knowing about all these guns".

Cheatham, who works at the St. Louis Justice Center, told KTVI that she hopes her son's video teaches others to "value life more".

He went on to urge his community members to shun violence and turn to God and religion instead. "I am proud of him for making the video, but as for him feeling that way, I am shocked and disturbed". "At Six years old!" his mother captioned the video.

In the clip, Jeffrey, also known as "Lil J", asks people to "stop killing each other", which his mother, Leanndra Cheatham, posted to social media last week, ABC News reports.