Chris Christie: 'I wouldn't let General Flynn in the White House'

  • Chris Christie: 'I wouldn't let General Flynn in the White House'

Chris Christie: 'I wouldn't let General Flynn in the White House'

Chris Christie advised Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn, both before the November election and afterward, Christie said on Monday.

"If I were president-elect of the United States, I wouldn't let General Flynn in the White House, let alone give him a job", said Christie.

Christie ran against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary contest, but endorsed him shortly after he dropped out, becoming one of the first prominent establishment-friendly Republicans to back Trump.

Normally a strong supporter of Trump and his policies, Christie voiced disagreement with the president's reported characterization of Comey after firing him. This warnings came when Christie served as chairman of Trump's transition team and before the team was made aware that Flynn, who served briefly as Trump's national security adviser, was under federal investigation. "I mean, he could go on a tour".

Flynn's attorneys said in a letter Monday that Flynn will not comply with a Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena for documents related to its probe of alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election, invoking the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Christie said he and Flynn "didn't see eye-to-eye" and that the retired lieutenant general was not his "cup of tea".

President Trump appointed Flynn as national security adviser, but he was quickly ousted after it was revealed he misled Vice President Pence and other top officials about his meetings with Russia's USA ambassador. If I were president, I could decide who comes in and who doesn't. One of his appointees, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, selected Mueller.

A reporter asked Christie whether he really meant to say he wouldn't have let Flynn into the White House.

"I would disagree with the characterization of Jim as a 'nut job, ' " said Christie, who as a former US attorney interacted with Comey. "I've known Jim for a long time".

Christie said he had no "need to feel vindicated", but also said he would have acted differently than Trump had.