Arizona is state with most arrests in the ICE-led gang surge

  • Arizona is state with most arrests in the ICE-led gang surge

Arizona is state with most arrests in the ICE-led gang surge

An operation by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement resulted in the largest arrest of suspected gang members by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to date, including some illegal aliens who had previously been recipients of "Dream Act" deportation deferrals. HSI special agents, working in conjunction with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, have made more than 47,000 gang-related arrests.

More than two-thirds of the people arrested by ICE are US citizens. The number of arrests in this one operation is almost equal to the total number of gang arrests in the entire 2014 fiscal year (the most recent year for which I have statistics) - that year HSI made 1,578 gang arrests. She added that three were arrested on criminal charges and two on non-criminal immigration violations. He is presently awaiting extradition to Cook County to face the aggravated criminal sexual abuse charge there.

The operation was conducted as a part of Operation Community Shield, which targets gang members to "eradicate the violence they inflict upon our communities and stop the cash flow to transnational organized crime groups, " according to the press release.

Those picked up include members of some of the country's most notorious and deadly gangs, including the Bloods, Surenos, MS-13, and the Crips. They said identifying and capturing these criminals takes major help from local law enforcement as well.

Federal officials released the names of only four of the people arrested in the operation, which the agency dubbed Project New Dawn. SEE ALSO: Alleged gang members accused in woman's "satanic" murder in Houston "Ten individuals arrested during this operation crossed the border as unaccompanied minors". Homan said that practice hurts law enforcement and puts the public at risk.

Agents seize $491,763 in US currency, more than 200 firearms, narcotics like cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl and marijuana.

The Trump administration has said MS-13 poses a particular risk to American communities and is among the most ruthless street gangs.

Gang activity in the United States, including drug and sex trafficking, has been used as a justification for the broad expansion of the powers of ICE agents over the last decade, bloating the size of the police apparatus responsible for arresting and deporting undocumented immigrants.