Kellyanne Conway Claims Anderson Cooper's Eye Roll Was Sexist

  • Kellyanne Conway Claims Anderson Cooper's Eye Roll Was Sexist

Kellyanne Conway Claims Anderson Cooper's Eye Roll Was Sexist

On the other hand, you're saying you don't know if it was in the intelligence briefing, and you can't say even if you did know. "This man is president of the U.S.he acted decisively today".

"That makes no sense", Cooper responded.

It turns out, the White House rep actually feels Anderson's move was sexist as she implied in an interview with Fox and Friends on Thursday.

'This has nothing to do with Russia, ' Conway said. Senior FBI officials have told NBC News they believe Trump and Sessions - who had ostensibly recused himself from all matters to do with Russian Federation probes - want "to replace [Comey] with someone who will close" the investigation. Critics immediately slammed Conway for her disrespect, but she said she was just trying to capture a photo from a certain angle.

"Sen. Schumer just said this raises real concerns".

"Well, he's wrong, it's not a cover-up", Conway stated. Conway then let out another "alternative fact" by saying, "The president is not under investigation." UGH!

That's when she flipped the script and hit Cooper with her own charge of sexism.

A number of clips were then played by Cooper of the President, then campaigning for office, back in 2016 stating praise for Comey for investigating Hillary Clinton over her email controversy.

"Thanks for the trip down memory lane", she said. Conway deflected the many clips of Trump rah-rahing Comey by switching the topic to Trump's win in MI, cueing the most viral eye roll of our century.

Honestly, anyone who can interview Conway for 10 minutes before rolling their eyes is a hero in my book.

There was another problem with Conway's response - a bigger one, from the White House perspective: Rosenstein really didn't appreciate being portrayed as the reason Trump pulled the trigger. We'd speak often to women, many of them college-aged, about conservatism and what it meant. Candidate Donald Trump, that's a fictional character we're no longer allowed to refer to? The Washington Post reported Wednesday night that Trump had made up his mind to remove Comey by the weekend and that on Monday he ordered Rosenstein to present the case against the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, in writing. I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order, and his dismissal further confuses an already hard investigation by the Committee.