Former England and Bath prop Duncan Bell on Mental Health Awareness Week

We may think that we don't need to grieve for these losses and that we are being "pathetic" as no one has died yet still we feel sad and perhaps angry, scared, anxious, exhausted and unable to focus on things for a long time, all similar emotions that one goes through in grief.

"I've been really encouraged by the celebrities that have acknowledged that they are struggling or have struggled with mental illness", she said. People like Piers, especially those who are in the public eye, are narrow-minded and quite frankly a disgrace to themselves and an insult to anyone who lives with mental health or cares for those living with mental health. To register go to: This results in high rates of PTSD and depression among first responders.

"Almost everyone at some point in time has had a mental health issue, it's nothing you should feel embarrassed about or ashamed of", said Katie Detloff, Siouxland Mental Health Center. I have had to get used to this very different life and expand my life in other ways to fill the holes that have been left. If not you, then someone you love. In the United Kingdom, the estimated costs of mental health problems are £70-100 billion each year. Help us help our community. People must often make changes in their lives to eliminate and overcome unhealthy, dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving and replace them with healthy, proactive patterns. An awareness week puts the issue out in the open and gives us opportunity to talk.

Despite all of the above, work is seen as a key factor in supporting and protecting mental health: 86% of Added Valuerespondents believe being at work is important to their mental health.

Many people with mental-health difficulties have little or no insight or awareness into the fact that their thinking and/or behavior - or that of a relative or friend - is problematic. I can not imagine the horror of those eight days for her, handcuffed to a bed, never knowing when he was going to come in and hurt her, she is one fearless lady. I will share with my co-workers that I am going on a date with a man or going to an LGBT-themed event with an nearly belligerent pride, but am overwhelmed with fear in having to admit to those same people that I'm leaving slightly early to see my therapist or that I need to take some time off due to another episode. Throughout the month of May, Coronado SAFE will continue to address the issues that affect our community's mental health, encouraging everyone, young and old, to MIND Your Health.

Do you feel that enough is being done to tackle the stigma? With greater awareness comes greater knowledge, and knowledge is power.

"Many people take action to improve their physical health, such as stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol or exercising more, but it's just as important to ensure that you're taking time to look after your mental health too".