Nicki Minaj offers to pay college tuition for fans over Twitter

The US singer agreed to shell out thousands of dollars for college expenses in a Twitter giveaway - and said she will pay more in the future.

On one of her latest singles, No Frauds, Nicki raps: 'I am the generous queen, ask Ms. Ellen, ' and her latest actions prove she's not lying...

That means that it would take 65 million Saturday nights of Nicki Minaj doling out money on Twitter in $20,000 increments to pay off the current student debt burden in the U.S.

She then told a few fans to privately message their information for her to be able to send money over. Minaj "served as principal for the day", and held an assembly during which she presented $10,000 scholarships to three students on behalf of Comcast.

Other students then jumped in, sending her details of their current financial situations along with pictures of their grades and school fees.

Kyle showed Minaj a screen shot of his straight As in classes such as chemistry, physics and personal finance. "Who wants to join THAT contest?!?"

To their delight, Nicki wrote back: "U want to go to college but can't?"

She proposed the idea through the social media website Twitter and responded to requests from more than a dozen people.

The rap superstar had asked fans to send videos of themselves singing along to her song "Regret in Your Tears" via the instant music video app

Majority wanted just £700 as a prize for their dedication in school but one user, by the name of Josh asked Nicki for nearly £5,000 for tuition fees, accommodation, food and books.

Entertainment website TMZ confirmed later with at least one fan that they had already received US$800 from Minaj.