Children share stories of Iowa dad, a deputy slain on duty

  • Children share stories of Iowa dad, a deputy slain on duty

Children share stories of Iowa dad, a deputy slain on duty

Authorities say Correa-Carmenaty shot another man, who is also expected to recover, while trying to carjack a pickup truck before commandeering the woman's vehicle.

After escaping the jail, Correa-Carmenaty tried to steal a pickup truck and shot the driver, but continued on in the jail van.

Funeral arrangements have been announced for Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Burbridge, who was shot to death earlier this week in a jail break attempt.

He graduated high school from Missouri Valley, Iowa. "Our heart goes out to everyone in Pottawattamie County".

Hundreds of law enforcement officers filled the floor of an arena Monday in Council Bluffs to honor Pottawattamie County Deputy Mark Burbridge. During the struggle, Correa-Carmenaty was able to gain control of one of the deputy's gun and shoot both deputies.

Correa-Carmenaty commandeered the transport van after the shootings, driving through a closed garage door at the jail around 11 a.m. Monday.

Live coverage in Council Bluffs starts with Michelle Schoening.

Then in a neighborhood about two miles away, Correa-Carmenaty took a woman's auto at gunpoint and drove to Omaha where he dropped her off at a liquor store. Correa-Carmenaty has agreed to be transferred back to Iowa to face those charges, but authorities planned to wait until after Burbridge's funeral to return him to court. He was arrested in Omaha after crashing during a high-speed chase.

If he refuses, the governors of Nebraska and Iowa will need to sign warrants agreeing to the extradition.

"He called me up and he said what's it take to get a vehicle show?"

Iowa's Pottawattamie County prosecutors indicated they preferred to pursue their charges, which also include kidnapping.