Police injured in clashes with Paris May Day protesters

It appears far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen plagiarized nearly an entire speech from former French prime minister, as well as her former rival presidential candidate, Francois Fillon.

Marine Le Pen said on France-2 television Sunday night that the political rupture with her father "is definitive".

Whether Le Pen can do the same in the race for the Elysée Palace remains to be seen, though if she is to do so, she will have to overcome polls that now show centrist Emmanuel Macron leading the race.

At a free concert Tuesday at the Paris Philharmonic, prominent cultural figures urged support for centrist Emmanuel Macron instead.

Macron needs leftwing votes if he is to beat his far-right run-off rival Marine Le Pen on Sunday.

But, in a symbolic gesture to show her commitment to the entire country, not just to one party, Le Pen has stepped down as leader of the party, according to BBC News. "After the second round, we'll fight against Macron".

He pointed out that the rights and freedoms of journalists, political opposition, same-sex couples and women would be violated first of all.

French independent centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

Maud Le Rest reported from Paris.

One-third of Russians (35%) say the results won't be important.

While Macron is favored in the polls, a high abstention rate or a blank protest ballot could help Le Pen.

Seeking to capitalise on those concerns, Le Pen told thousands of her supporters at a rally Monday to reject "the world of finance, of arrogance, of money as king" that she said Macron embodied.

Le Pen, who hopes to mimic President Donald Trump's populist electoral victory, compared Macron to Hillary Clinton.

Calling her "the anti-France candidate", he insisted a stronger Europe would mean a stronger France. "I'll never judge someone who votes for the National Front".

Despite their differences Le Pen's father, former presidential candidate Jean Marie Le Pen, endorsed his daughter at the foot of the Joan of Arc statue in Paris.

She took her campaign Monday to the working-class Paris suburb of Villepinte where the first key speaker was Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a eurosceptic from outside the FN who Le Pen has said will be her prime minister if wins on Sunday.

Le Pen was expelled from the party in 2015 for repeating an anti-Semitic phrase for which he was convicted.

Macron hugged Said Bourram, who was 9 when his father was killed. But at the 1995 event, some skinheads broke away and pushed 29-year-old Brahim Bourram off a bridge into the Seine River, where he drowned.

"What the National Front candidate proposes is a one way ticket".

Meanwhile, clashes have broken out between police and protesters on the sidelines of a traditional May Day labour march in Paris.