Obama receiving Profile in Courage Award from Kennedys

As a refresher, this is what Jack, who is the son of JFK Jr.'s sister Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, and the only grandson of JFK, looked like as young child. His favourite speech was when John F Kennedy explained why America should launch a mission to the moon.

"I'm inspired by my family's legacy of public service", the 24-year-old told anchors Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Graduated from Yale.About to go to law school at Harvard.People are going to get to know you now.

Jackstopped by the show with his mother to discuss the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, which he will award to Former President Obama this weekend.

The foundation also cited Obama's leadership toward an worldwide agreement on climate change, and restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba. "This award is about encouraging people to both require it in our public officials and look for ways that we can be more courageous in our own lives", the former USA ambassador to Japan, 59, said. "It seems like things couldn't be any worse, we're going to inherit a world with a lot of unsolved problems; I think it's important to remember those challenges are opportunities and we can rise to the occasion if we choose good leadership". "He really had the courage to govern responsibly".

While she is excited for Schlossberg's future, Caroline isn't pushing him into politics.

"I think we're seeing today it's pretty easy to criticize without offering solutions", he added.

Named for the country's 35th president, the award is "the nation's preeminent award for elected officials and public servants", according to website of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Jack said, "I love her so much, but that's her decision and I'll leave it at that". "I love my son Jack", the diplomat - who also shares daughters Rose, 28, and Tatiana, 27, with husband Edwin Schlossberg - said on Today.